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The Columbus Clippers proudly support charitable organizations and fundraisers through donations. We are pleased to provide donations in the form of raffle items or door prizes to various charities and community organizations. No monetary or equipment donations will be considered at this time. The Clippers are thankful for the high level of interest and support of our fans.

The following information explains our guidelines regarding donations.

1. All donation requests must be submitted at least thirty (30) days in advance of your event. Requests will be reviewed the month before your event.
2. Organizations are limited to one (1) donation per year.
3. Due to ticket demand and availability, ticket donations are limited at this time. Suite donations are not available at this time.
4. Donation requests will only be accepted through this online donation form. We ask that you refrain from making telephone inquiries regarding donation status, due to the volume of requests received. As a result, we recommend that your event does not rely on a donation from the Clippers. Any item donated should be regarded as a complementary element to your event. A submitted request does not guarantee a donation.
5. Due to the number of donation requests, the Clippers restrict donations to organizations that reside within 45 miles of Huntington Park. Approved organizations must pick up their items at Huntington Park to ensure that donations are impacting the Central Ohio area.
6. Due to the demand, we cannot provide bulk items for goody bags.
7. If an approved organization does not pick up their designated donation by the event date, the donation will be forfeited for that event.
8. If you are having problems submitting a request, please email any literature relating to your event to

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